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2014 Japan Powder Metallurgy Association award

From among the large number of applicants, Diamet Corporation was awarded the 2014 Powder Metallurgy Industry Association Award. We`d like to introduce them.



■The thin air compressor part which is used for an electric car.

We realized the OLDHAM RING of the thin-walled flange which was no manufacturing (molding) and was weight saving. In future, it could expect the development to a gasoline car, and the point was evaluated.


■Development of the sprocket with the crank sensor for diesel engines

Integrated in the sintering method, machining less, realized the changeover from other method. Contribution to the powder metallurgy industry has been evaluated.


■High-load dry corresponding sintered bearing of door closer motor output shaft

New regulations and uniqueness of high strength and high accuracy in phosphorus bronze-based material have been evaluated. In addition, our high production volume and contribution to the powder metallurgy industry have also been evaluated.  
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