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2013 Japan Powder Metallurgy Association award

From among the large number of applicants, Diamet Corporation was awarded the 2013 Powder Metallurgy Industry Association Award. We won three cases and we`d like to introduce them.



■Oil-impregnated bearings are used in motors to control the idling of small two-wheeled vehicle

The product was evaluated the development of materials having strength that can be fixed pinching, sliding and oil retention. In addition, the sizing device that allows high precision in mass production and the results of mass production were evaluated.


■Development of the electric power steering motor joint

Molding that take advantage of the features of the sintering, technology of the lighter and high strength has been evaluated. In addition, this product succeeded in switched to sintering from forging were evaluated the superiority of the sintered member.


■Electric oil pump rotor that is suitable for use in a quiet environment.

This product was evaluated by the novelty of teeth corresponding to a quiet environment and the uniqueness of the design of the teeth that focuses on the gap between the teeth of the outer rotor out rotor. Moreover, that the product is mounted on HEV car and idling stop system, decompression of the promising were evaluated.  
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