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2011 Japan Powder Metallurgy Association Awards

We have been awarded by 2011 Japan Powder Metallurgy Association for following innovations and developments.


Development of Thrust Plate for Variable Valve Timing Mechanism

■Category: Design

This Thrust plate is used in Variable Valve Timing Mechanism that aims better fuel consumption and cleaner exhaustion of gas.
Since Trust plate is a flat shaped, sheet metal is normally used instead of powder metallurgy to take a manufacturing cost advantage.

Here, we have managed to produce Trust plate with powder metallurgy with features including better flatness for the improvement of sealing in housing assembly, lock pin hole on the side surface for more accurate positioning to the rotation side, and groove of adjustment spring to control the operation and speed of variable valve timing mechanism.


Near Net Shaped Part for Automotive Reclining Seat

■Category: Design

This item is used in the angle adjustment mechanism of automotive reclining sheets (Dial adjustment type).
Since this item takes the weight at reclining, control of its shape and smoothness are crucial in obtaining hardness and comfort in reclining. And therefore, this was mainly produced by "Pulling Compacting Process".

Here, we have introduced "Near Net Shape" with powder metallurgy’s ability, and development of barreling process has enabled us to produce the item without sizing and machining process. We have successfully reduced manufacturing costs while improving crucial aspects of smoothness and reclining comfort.


Material of Corrosion: Resistant Oil-less Bearing for Fuel Pump Motor

■Category: Material

Oil-less bearing is used in the fuel pump motors that are located in automotive fuel supply system.
Automotive market in the world is expanding rapidly with significant growth of developing countries. This has led some of developing countries to consume gasoline that highly contains impurities including corrosive sulfur and organic acid.

We have developed new material for oil-less bearing based on copper and nickel by optimizing material component and productive condition. The endurance test has shown excellent corrosion-resistant, abrasion .resistance, and bearing performance. Our oil-less bearing is proved to cope with variety of environmental conditions in the world.


Manufacturing Method of Sintered Bearing Suitable for Resin Case Housing Insert

■Category: Production Method

Without machining process, our manufacturing method makes it possible to form ideal shape that is necessary for preventing rotation and fall-off from the sintered bearing at the resin housing toward the thrust in insert molding into resin housing.

With our long manufacturing experiences, we have managed to form unique fall-free shape without machining process and successfully reduced machining cost. This method plays an important role in great cost reduction and its performance has been experienced at wide variety of sintered bearing for resin housing insert.

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