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Production Process

Mixing Process

Each metal powder is measured to get the designated chemical component and then evenly mixed by the mixer.

Compacting Process

The mixed raw material is filled into the high-precision die and pressed. The work piece is called "Green"

Sintering Process

"Green" is heated up at a high temperature which is lower than the melting point of the raw material in reducing atmosphere.? In the sintering process, the particles are bonded together and the sintered part becomes strong.

Sizing Process

If the sintered part needs to be dimensionally accurate or chamfered, it goes to the next process called ‘sizing process’.? In this process, the sintered part is pressed again by a sizing press

Additional Process

Depending on the required product specification, the part goes through a machining process, heat treatment process, oil impregnation process and so on

Inspection Process

The part dimensions and characteristics are inspected according to the part specifications.? The part is also checked visually.


After inspection, the product is packed and shipped to a customer.


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