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Oil-Impregnated Sintered Bearing (Oilless Bearing)

Oil-Impregnated Sintered Bearing
(Oilless Bearing)

Oil Circulation Mechanism of Sintered Bearing

Our unique technology and in-house high precision mold enable us to offer oil-impregnated sintered bearing (oilless bearing) with high precision and quality for variety of applications. Our Bearing is the top brand in the area of sintered bearings.
In addition to ordinary oil-impregnated sintered bearings (oilless bearings), we also offer bearings with special features including dry bearing suitable for high temperature condition, corrosion-resistant bearing etc.

Sintered Bearing, Motor, Corrosion Resistance, Heat Resistance

Variable Valve Actuation Parts

Example of Multiple Operation Die and High Precision Die

The Parts for variable valve actuation are one of our core products.
Production of complex shape is possible using multi-die operation while reducing machining process with precised molds and enhancing strength with unique pressuring technique.
We offer a low cost operation, and contribute to reduction of fuel consumption while enhancing higher horsepower.

Low Fuel Consumption, Big Horsepower, Near Net Shape, Valve Timing


We mainly produce precise silent chain and roller chain sprockets at lower operational cost by machining-less technique. Our technology to fulfill higher density is ideal for silent chain type sprocket to meet its strength, and its demand is increasing steadily.

High Strength, High Precision, Durability, Near Net Shape

Oil Pump Rotor

Our oil pump rotor with peculiar patented rotor profile, IPR (Intelligent-Profile-Rotor) has high discharge efficiency, low friction, and low noise characteristics, and contributes to low fuel consumption and improvement in engine silence. By optimizing its efficiency, we have successfully increased sales in application including small electric oil pump rotor. We offer customization service and we are ready to suggest the rotor profile customization and port shape. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Peculiar Rotor Profile, High Discharge Efficiency, Low Friction, Low Noise

Soft Magnetic Core


(3D Shape)

Steel with 6.5%
(Block Core)

(Cut Core)

(Cut Core)

(3D Shape)

5.13 1.78 1.96 1.64 1
(Volume) (641cc) (223cc) (245cc) (205cc) (125cc)
Efficiency ×
Cost ×

Miniaturization, Good Characteristics, Economical Efficiency

Our original insulation film offers high magnetic-flux density and low iron loss.
Reduction of eddy current, Improvement of current direct convolution characteristics, and narrowness of gap contribute to higher efficiency equivalent to steel plate of which thickness is 0.1mm and silicon is 6.5% at more than a few kHz frequency.
Flexibility of the shape design allows us to miniaturize the part size while its rapid response is more than double when compared to normal metal.
To fulfill our customer needs, we also offer range of product line-up including alloyed core.

High Magnetic-Flux Density, High Efficiency, Miniaturization, Excellent Current Direct Convolution Characteristics.
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