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Characteristics & Comparison with Other Production Methods

What is Powder Metallurgy?….

It is the process of compacting blended powdered material and then heating and bonding it in the metal part production


1. Economically efficient
High precision die enables us to produce a part with "Near Net Shape" closed to its final dimension even for a complicated shape product. This helps the reduction of raw material costs and makes processes more efficient.
2. High Productivity
The continuous production with die makes mass production and high yield ratio possible
3. Peculiarity
Change of the blended powder composition can provide a variety of mechanical characteristics to satisfy customer requirements. Control of the structure is also possible by changing production condition to meet the requirements for many applications.

Comparison with Other Production Method

Item Production Method
Forging Casting Stamping Sintering Mold Injection Machining
Shape 2D Complexity
3D Complexity    
2D&3D Complexity        
Productivity Less than 100 pcs        
3500 pcs  
More than 5,000 pcs    
Peculiarity Porosity        
Special Composition,
Precision More than a few
hundreds mm
10 to 90 mm
Less than a few mm  
Weight More than a few
hundreds grams
10 to 90 grams  
Less than a few grams    
Material High Melting Point
High Reactivity
Rapid Solidification
Mechanical Property Strength  
Abrasion Resistance      

◎:Excellent   ○:Good


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