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Message from the President

Fumio Tsurumaki President Director Diamet Corporation

Absolute Presence in Powder Metallurgy Industry with Our Prideful Technology

Diamet Corporation is the supplier of the automotive industry, using powder metallurgy. We specialize in mechanical parts for engines, transmissions etc., and sintered bearings for automotive motors, and our production method is reliable and economical with use of a variety of raw materials.

Our company was established in 1944 with the production of sintered parts in Heiwa-cho, Niigata City. In 1960, we have joined the mass-production era of automotives and added production of mechanical parts, and have shifted our core business to be in this industry. With growth of motorization, we have successfully expanded our business, and as of today, our lines of products are used in the automotive system all over the world.

With our knowledge and experience, we are to enhance our Engineering and R&D, and supply world-class high performance products and services to exactly cope with increasing market demand while implementing strict requirements for our products.


Toward Eco-Friendly and Trustful Company

We aim to be a global powder metallurgy part supplier with high quality standards. As one of the Mitsubishi Material Groups, our focus is on the reliability of our products but also on compliance with government and environmental requirements.


Fumio Tsurumaki President Director Diamet Corporation


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