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1944 Established as Mitsubishi Mining Company Niigata Metal Works
1947 Started production of sintered oilless bearings
1950 Split-up from Mitsubishi Mining Co. and Established as Mitsubishi Metal & Mining Co.
1961 Built 2nd factory (current headquarters )
1964 Lost 1st Factory due to Niigata earthquake and integrated into 2nd Factory
1973 Changed Corporate name to Mitsubishi Metal Co.
1983 Exported sintered part production technology
1987 Fujioka plant started operation
1988 Diamet Corporation (U.S.) started operations
1990 Changed Corporate name to Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
1993 DIAMET KLANG (MALAYSIA) Sdn., Bhd. started operations
2005 Diamet Lingqing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China) started operation
2005 Established as Mitsubishi Materials PMG Corporation*1
2009 Changed Corporate name to Diamet Corporation*2
2011 Guangdong Diamet Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. established
2012 Indonesian plant established*3

Sintered part production department was split-up from Mitsubishi Materials Corporation on Dec 2005. Mitsubishi Materials PMG was established as joint-venture between Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and Plansee Holding AG

Dissolution of Joint venture on Dec 2009 and company name was changed to Diamet corporation. Diamet corporation is 100% subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.

Established under PT MMC Metal Fabrication which is one of subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Metarials Corporation (Press release as on Nov-1st-Y2012)

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